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Regulation + Resilience-2

Creating Regulation & Resilience

Creating Regulation and Resilience (CR/2™),
developed in partnership with CORE Associates, is a staff communication model designed to foster productive interactions with justice-involved clients.

A number of key features set CR/2 apart from other intervention strategies:
trauma pink
Integrates research on trauma, resilience, and evidence-based practices
self care
Includes a focus on staff well-being
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Introduces a communication approach that can be adapted for use by all corrections professionals
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Can be used within any time frame; whether staff have one minute, ten minutes, or an hour

Grounded in cutting-edge research on the neurophysiology of trauma and resilience, CR/2 provides correction staff with the tools they need to facilitate growth and change among their adult and youth clients.

Working in the field of corrections is challenging, and research suggests that staff can suffer behavioral, emotional and mental health consequences. For this reason, CR/2 also incorporates self-care strategies that corrections professionals can use to maximize their performance and create resilience and regulation in their own lives.

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