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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in Orbis' products and services but still looking for more information? Below, you will find answers to some of our commonly asked questions. 

Orbis provides solutions for criminal justice and human services systems, specializing in designing and implementing services for at-risk client groups. Orbis offers a unique blend of programs and services including effective risk/needs assessment software, evidence-based interventions for clients and staff, and an innovative case management platform. Our state-of-the-art web-based case management software, risk assessment tools, and interventions are used by 300+ clients in over 50 states/provinces and 8 countries.

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Because many of Orbis’ products and services can be tailored to suit the needs of specific organizations, they can be implemented in a wide variety of settings. The main industries we serve are criminal justice and human services systems, and our tools are used by a variety of clients including: probation, parole and correctional officers, caseworkers, social workers, counselors, treatment providers, child welfare specialists, and other professionals who work with at-risk and/or criminal-justice involved youth and adult clients.

Orbis’ products are adaptable, and many can be customized and administered to groups both small and large. Therefore, there is no one size fits all price as it is based on your organization’s needs. If you are interested in purchasing a product, please contact us here and a team member will reach out to you to provide a free consultation and quote.

Our in-house team helps agencies achieve optimal performance by assisting in the development of protocols for training, coaching, quality assurance, and outcome evaluation. We also provide technical assistance and software support as needed. Moreover, our wide range of evidence-based interventions, risk assessments, and case management software programs can be modified to suit your organization’s unique set of needs.

Orbis’ risk assessments and evidence-based interventions can be implemented anywhere and are currently used in over 50 states/provinces and 8 countries.

Yes, there are published studies on our Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI), Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument (Web MAYSI-2), and the Service Planning Instrument (SPIn). Studies have also been conducted on our gender-responsive interventions: Moving On and Collaborative Case Work for Women (CCW-W). More information and outcomes from the studies can be found on each assessment tool’s respective brochure.

When you purchase assessment software from Orbis, your organization will receive a software license(s) to be used by your selected staff member(s). Our applications are hosted on a secure server, so all that is needed is an Internet connection. Orbis tools are adaptable, user-friendly, and capable of integration with existing software (if desired). In addition, we offer an eTraining program to provide a comprehensive and visual introduction to each risk assessment tool, reducing the learning curve and allowing users to effectively implement the tools more quickly.

For more information on how our tools can be used, check out our videos or contact us today to receive a complimentary demo.

Orbis implements a variety of evidence-based interventions and staff training programs for criminal justice and human services systems. Some of these programs, such as Motivational Interviewing, are designed for staff to learn skills to directly use with their clients. Other programs, such as Creating Regulation and Resilience (CR/2), provide staff with emotional, communication, and self-care strategies that, in turn, facilitate more effective interactions with clients and amongst each other.

For our YASI and SPIn assessments (including its variants), training from Orbis is required. Training is conducted by using our eTraining software, virtual training, or by in-person training. Staff who will be using the assessment software tools learn how to conduct assessments, enter the information in the software, and develop case plans with the results. Costs and training modality depend on how many people require training, as well as the logistics and preference of the client.

For our Web MAYSI-2 assessment, training on the tool (and model) itself is not required but is provided by UMASS Medical School (NYSAP) if clients are interested. Orbis provides complimentary web demonstrations of the software application to potential and new clients.

Yes. This training opportunity is available for all interventions: Moving On, Girls Moving On, Living Safely and Without Violence (LSWV), Creating Regulation and Resilience (CR/2), Motivational Interviewing, and Collaborative Case Work for Women (CCW-W).

Orbis employs a guided skill practice to develop practitioner competencies. This generally involves a cascading process of participating in the training for the intervention, demonstrating the participant’s implementation, and receiving guiding coaching and feedback from an Orbis Master Trainer through video observation for up to 10 hours of delivery (*this increases/decreases based on the intervention). Once the participant has demonstrated proficiency in the intervention, they are eligible to become a trainer candidate. That generally involves working with an Orbis Master Trainer for 1-2 more days of coaching, then Orbis would observe that candidate delivering their first full training of the intervention. Lastly, they are certified and authorized to train that intervention in their own organization by Orbis.

Yes - Orbis offers both onsite and virtual training options. However, costs and the maximum number of training participants vary between the two choices, so we will work with you to determine the most suitable option for your organization.

The timeline of purchasing is dependent on the desired product, the size of the client organization, and the complexity of the contract/agreement. For smaller organizations, we can get them set up to use the software within a few days. For larger organizations, their contract process usually dictates the timing and sale process. This is the case for all Orbis services and products (including both software and nonsoftware).

For training in the interventions, Orbis asks that clients provide a PO or signed agreement at least 60 days prior to a training event to give Orbis staff time to schedule training components, including travel arrangements (if applicable).

The Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument (MAYSI-2) is a behavioral health screening tool designed for juvenile justice programs and facilities. It identifies youths 12 through 17 years old who may have important, pressing behavioral health needs. Its primary use is in juvenile probation, diversion programs, and intake in juvenile detention or corrections.

The original MAYSI-2, developed by the National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners (NYSAP), is the most widely-used mental health assessment tool for youth in the United States. This assessment is administered in paper-and-pencil format. Web MAYSI-2, built by Orbis in collaboration with NYSAP, is a secure cloud-based version of the original instrument that is modernized and streamlined, making it easier than ever to utilize in a variety of juvenile justice settings.

For more information on Web MAYSI-2, check out our resources by clicking here.

Orbis’ risk assessment tools for adults and youth, including a special risk/needs assessment for women and youth mental health assessment, are designed to guide the casework process by incorporating an individual’s unique set of needs. Each assessment assesses risk, needs, and protective factors to quickly identify the needs and risks of recidivism, as well as the strengths of an individual. To learn about each assessment type, please visit our Assessments webpage.

Yes - Orbis’ innovative software platform, CaseWorks, houses our risk assessment tools in one comprehensive software application. CaseWorks provides users with the ability to generate comprehensive reports and automated analyses. To learn more, please visit our Software webpage by clicking here.

To contact software support, please email support@orbispartners.com or call (toll-free) 1-888-682-7720 and briefly describe your issue to one of our support teams.

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