SPIn-W womens risk/needs assessment

The Service Planning Instrument for Women

The Service Planning Instrument for Women (SPIn-W™) is a risk/needs assessment and case planning tool for justice-involved females.

SPIn-W includes a number of key elements:
SPIn-W womens risk/needs assessment
Results are easily translated into case plan goals & recommended services
SPIn-W womens risk/needs assessment
Developed for justice-involved women & can be further customized to fit various settings
SPIn-W womens risk/needs assessment
Assessment of trauma
SPIn-W womens risk/needs assessment
An abridged Pre-Screen for early case decisions

About SPIn-W

The Service Planning Instrument for Women (SPIn-W™) is a risk/needs assessment for women 17 years of age and older and is intended for predicting probation and parole outcomes, success in correctional reentry centers, institutional misconducts, and post-release recidivism. 

Drawn from research focused on women and other criminal justice populations, the instrument includes a risk/needs assessment of gender-responsive items such as: child-care, family stability factors, history of abuse and trauma, mental and medical health, etc. The assessment results are computer-generated and guide the development of individualized case plans.  

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