YASI juvenile risk assessment

The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument

The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI™) is an innovative juvenile risk assessment tool that measures risk, needs, and protective factors in at-risk and juvenile justice-involved youth.
YASI brings together a number of exciting new
developments in juvenile risk assessment:
YASI juvenile risk assessment
Improved links to case planning
YASI juvenile risk assessment
Inclusion of strengths
YASI juvenile risk assessment
Assessment of trauma
YASI juvenile risk assessment
An abridged Pre-Screen for early case decisions

About YASI

The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI™) provides a vehicle for entering and analyzing information collected by juvenile probation officers, caseworkers, youth service managers, social workers, and other professionals who assess at-risk youth clients.

Stimulating well-informed, individualized case planning is a critical challenge in juvenile risk assessment tools. YASI faces this challenge with an efficient interface that allows users to immediately link client assessment results to individualized case planning and service provision.

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