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Fact Sheets


Web MAYSI-2 Fact Sheet

Web MAYSI-2 is a streamlined, cloud-based mental health assessment for youth. 

YASI Fact Sheet

The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASITM) is a juvenile risk assessment designed to measures risk, needs, and strengths and helps develop case plans. 

SPIn Fact Sheet

The Service Planning Instrument (SPInTM) is an adult risk/needs assessment used for measuring risk, needs, and protective factors among justice-involved adults. 


Motivational Interviewing Fact Sheet

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a client-centered intervention designed to strengthen motivation for change in high-risk youth and adult clients. 

6 Stages of Behavioral Change + Strategies to Enhance the Change Process

A fact sheet with strategies and tools to help navigate clients through each of the 6 stages of behavior change.

Benefits of Gender-Responsive Programming

A fact sheet examining the benefits of gender-responsive interventions.

Benefits of Culturally-Responsive Care in Justice Settings

A fact sheet examining the benefits of culturally-responsive mental and behavioral health care in justice settings.

The Power of Strength-Based Assessments & Interventions in Justice Sytems

A fact sheet examining the benefits of strength-based assessments and interventions.

Navigating Challenges in Motivational Interviewing Implementation Guide

A guide to help with challenges faced in evidence-based program and training implementation.



eTraining Fact Sheet

Orbis has developed a powerful eTraining platform, along with curricula, for our industry-leading risk assessments.