Orbis eTraining

Orbis has developed a powerful eTraining platform, along with curricula, for our industry-leading risk assessment tools.

The eTraining courses expose users to a variety of learning activities:
Orbis eTraining
Multimedia demonstrations & role-play practices
Orbis eTraining
Quizzes & reviews on topics
Orbis eTraining
Case studies & problem-solving exercises
Orbis eTraining
End of chapter tests

About eTraining

We offer eTraining for our risk assessment tools including the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI), Service Planning Instrument (SPIn), and re-entry assessment (SPIn Re-entry).

The eTraining courses provide a comprehensive and visual introduction to each risk assessment tool, reducing the learning curve and allowing users to effectively implement the tools more quickly.

As users progress through the training they are introduced to the research that supports the use of our assessment and case planning tools. 

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