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SPin reentry

The Service Planning Instrument: Re-entry

The Service Planning Instrument: Re-entry (SPIn Re-entry™) measures risk, needs, and strengths in criminal justice-involved adults who are preparing to return to their communities.

SPIn Re-entry includes a number of important features:
Guided case plan goals & service recommendations
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An examination of strengths, assets & supports that clients have available to them
Classify clients according to low, moderate & high risk of future recidivism
Flag cases that need more intensive levels of service & supervision

SPIn Re-entry™, an abridged version of our original Service Planning Instrument (SPIn™), helps caseworkers develop service plans for their criminal justice clients by measuring a range of criminogenic needs that may have an impact on future criminal behavior.

Included among these needs are obstacles that many individuals encounter as they adjust to community life such as:

  • Finding employment
  • Accessing services
  • Managing financial difficulties

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