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eTraining in 2021

Posted by Orbis Partners on Feb 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The pandemic has forever changed the way businesses operate and we can expect to see a shift to even more online applications as we look forward to 2021.

Evolving to eTraining

To help manage virtual workforces, Orbis offers eTraining, a platform with curricula for its industry-leading assessment tools. Orbis' risk assessment instruments are used in the criminal justice and human services industries to help reduce risk among youth and criminal offenders.

The software offers comprehensive and visual introduction to each case planning tool for the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI), Service Planning Instrument (SPIn), and the re-entry assessment (SPIn Re-entry). eTraining features include multimedia demonstrations and role-play practices, case studies, problem-solving exercises, and end of chapter tests. These components allow users to effectively implement tools quickly while minimizing learning curves.

The first chapter of eTraining provides clients with a course overview and familiarizes them with navigation and delivery format. Moreover, throughout the application, access to valuable resources are listed to give individuals the ability to download and save documents on their devices. 

Benefits of an Online Platform

eTraining is suitable for a variety of training topics including safety procedures, case planning, client engagement, assessments, structured interventions, and skill building. This software has many characteristics that make it a powerful application for organizations and their employees. It is consistent, scalable, custom, effective, and saves time and money.

Using Orbis' online platform includes the following benefits:

  • Integrative: Individuals can easily access all of Orbis' tools on one system
  • Comprehensive: Customized curricula equips customers with a thorough understanding of the application
  • Engaging: The program is user-friendly, multi-media-rich, and informative

How Orbis Can Help Organizations

Orbis Partners’ eTraining services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an organization. These solutions can be used to supplement material that was presented in-person or information that will be needed in the future. Additionally, Orbis' courses are useful for anyone using assessment or case planning in their career because it helps them understand key concepts and practices.

During the pandemic, Orbis has continued service delivery through virtual training, coaching, and eTraining. In the new year, eTraining can provide companies and their staff more collaboration with colleagues in different regions and, ultimately, high quality training sessions that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Orbis Partners provides solutions for criminal justice and human services systems, specializing in designing and implementing services for at-risk client groups. Orbis offers a unique blend of programs and services including innovative case management software applications, evidence-based interventions, and effective risk assessment tools.

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