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Nov 2022
Risk and needs assessments are standardized tools that help justice system professionals estimate a person’s likelihood of recidivism and identify factors that contribute to maladaptive behavior. These instruments are also used for case planning and ...
Oct 2022
Juvenile justice risk and needs assessments are used to estimate the likelihood a young person will become involved with the justice system and to identify service needs for developing case plans. These helpful tools aid court personnel (probation ...
Dec 2021
What is a Status Offense? Violating curfew, running away from home, or skipping school may not be good choices, but are they actions that should land a minor in the justice system?
Nov 2021
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can cause youth to develop coping mechanisms and behavior that stops social-emotional development and can dramatically impair their academic success. Gang activity, drug use, delinquent behavior, and aggressive ...
Nov 2021
Twenty-three-year-old Amber Graves was just five when her parents abandoned her and her one-year-old brother in the Bronx, New York. Graves and her brother spent years bouncing between homelessness and foster homes, with Graves also at times ...
Oct 2021
In the early 1990s, rising juvenile delinquency rates provoked a change in the general public’s opinion of the people committing the violations. Juvenile offenders, in particular, were represented as “vicious superpredators,” fueling the perception ...
Jul 2021
Learning Disabilities Translate to Risk Factors Numerous studies in the U.S. have shown that youth with disabilities are at a higher risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system than their non-disabled peers. These include kids that are ...
May 2021
What we already know from years of research is effective interventions and risk assessments for young people in the juvenile justice system must address risk factors across all aspects of the adolescent’s life. To succeed, they need to take into ...
Dec 2020
Juvenile probation is a form of sentencing that allows justice-involved youth to remain in their communities while under the supervision of the court. During the probationary period, a youth may be required to follow certain terms or conditions. ...