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YASI Video

The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI™) is an innovative model that assesses risk, needs and protective factors in youth populations.

SPIn Video

Our Service Planning Instrument (SPIn™) assesses risk, needs and protective factors in adult populations.

SPIn-W Video

The Service Planning Instrument for Women (SPIn-W™) is a gender-responsive assessment and case planning tool for justice-involved females.

Web MAYSI-2 Video

The Web MAYSI-2 is a cloud-based screening tool used to help juvenile justice programs quickly identify special mental health needs in youth.


CaseWorks Video

The CaseWorksTM software platform integrates our risk and needs assessment tools with a comprehensive case management system.

eTraining Video

Orbis has developed a powerful eTraining platform, along with curricula, for our industry-leading assessment tools.