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Aug 2021
Life is often full of obstacles that make growing up a difficult road to navigate for at-risk youth. From poverty and physical abuse to drug and alcohol use, teens frequently run into issues that they are still mentally ill-equipped to handle. These ...
May 2021
What we already know from years of research is effective interventions and risk assessments for young people in the juvenile justice system must address risk factors across all aspects of the adolescent’s life. To succeed, they need to take into ...
Apr 2021
Over the course of the last twenty or so years, there has been much discussion focused on the causes of juvenile crime. Studies have been conducted, people have been surveyed, facilities have been inspected, and it has all lead to at least one solid ...
Nov 2020
Girls are different from boys—an obvious statement that isn’t so obvious in much of the juvenile-justice system. In the past, girls historically made up a smaller percentage of the juvenile justice system. However, the number of girls entering the ...